Markets are in a constant state of change. Yields are low, inflation is returning and regulatory complexity continues to expand. At the same time technology is rapidly advancing and people are living longer than ever before, shifting global demographics significantly. This environment has fostered a greater focus on corporate transparency and responsibility, and ultimately is changing how we work, invest and measure risk.

Taking an active, long-term approach, AXA Investment Managers works with its clients today to provide the solutions they need to help secure a better tomorrow for their investments, while creating a positive change for the world in which we all live.

AXA IM in figures

  • €887bn

    assets under management [1]

  • €563bn

    in ESG-integrated assets [1]

  • 767

    investment professionals [1]

  • 19

    investment centres [1]


[1] Source: AXA Investment Managers, as at December 2021


We are active, long-term investors. With fundamental research at the core of our process, our investment professionals seek out and develop the most efficient and robust sources of alpha across world markets. From equities, fixed income and real assets to alternatives and multi-asset, we marry innovation and risk management in a bid to deliver long-term value for clients. 

We are responsible investors. As stewards of our clients’ assets, our primary goal is to help them preserve and grow their wealth. An important part of achieving this is investing responsibly. We believe that responsible investment not only delivers sustainable, long-term value for clients, it also makes a positive impact on society. This is why we incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment decisions and offer clients a full spectrum of RI tools. 

We are committed to making investing easier. We want to help investors cut through the noise and empower them to make the right investment choices.  Therefore we aim to keep our communications clear and our processes transparent. We are bringing to bear the power of big data and technology not only to improve our investment offering but to enhance the ways in which we engage with our clients. 

AXA Investment Managers has a long history of innovation and, as a part of the broader AXA group, our DNA is attuned to thinking long term about both risk and return. This combination makes us adept at mitigating tomorrow’s challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities that accompany them.